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Mary T. Sorrendino, Author & Public Speaker in Bridgeport, NY

I know personally and professionally that people can change. I have helped many learn that they do not have to allow their past to dictate their present behaviors


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Now available in Paperback and Kindle edition

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~Misery to Ministry Book in Bridgeport, NY~

My book is for individuals who have suffered from any of the following: low self-esteem, anxiety, fear, or anger management issues. Have you ever hated yourself,or thought that you were defective in some way? Have you ever asked yourself: What is wrong with me?  Or, have your ever thought that you were crazy because you couldn't manage your emotions? Maybe you have even given up because no matter how hard you tried you thought you would never be good enough. Have you ever been overwhelmed, at times, with shame, guilt, or self-loathing? Last, but not least, this book is for those who have struggled with addictions. I wrote this book for you, to give all of you hope and an answer.

I believe that everyone has a story. It is not that my life is so unusual that I had to share it; it is that many children have suffered experiences similar to mine. I also know, without a doubt, that there are many who have suffered far worse than me. The key is to live the life your were created for, and not the one you thought you had, the one filled with the lies.

As a distinguished public speaker in Bridgeport, New York, I have often shared parts of my story, and those who have heard it have been genuinely interested and encouraged by what I had to say. Most individuals, after hearing what I experienced, have walked away with a new attitude and a sense of hope.

My prayer is that as you read through these pages you will find hope and realize that the answer is very simple , yet profound.




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