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Depression Management in Bridgeport, NY 

For more information about depression management please visit the websites listed or contact Mary Sorrendino at 315-436-6877.



April 27, 2013


The Clean Slate Diaries Event
A unique healing event for Survivors of Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence


March 16, 2013


The Day of Joy for Women Conference
4 amazing Speakers & Vineyard Worship Band
Be Refreshed!!   Be Blessed!!


January 2013


Syracuse Woman Magazine
Mary's featured story about "Women who Inspire"


January 5, 2013


Binghamton NY Women Aglow Brunch
Speaker: ~Mary Sorrendino~
Mary taught the audience some basic psychology and shared her life story.


October 2012
Woman's Networking Organization
Topic: Overcoming fear and managing risks
Guest Speaker: Mary Sorrendino


July 2012
5 Sunday's/Sunday School Teaching
Topic: Walking in Truth
Speaker: Mary Sorrendino


June 16, 2012


Syracuse NY Women Aglo Conference
Speaker: ~Mary Sorrendino~


March 24, 2012
Day of Joy for Women Conference
Topic: Do not be anxious over anything. Phillippians 4:6
Guest Speaker: ~Mary Sorrendino~

April 1,2017

Binghamton NY wowman Agolow

Guest speaker .



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